Videos About HIV/AIDS Denialism

There is a scientific consensus that HIV is the cause of AIDS. The evidence from research study results published in peer-reviewed scientific journals is overwhelming. This is considered a settled question by the mainstream scientific community.

Nonetheless, there remains a vocal minority of fringe activists who claim that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. Their opinion carries little weight because they have conspicuously failed to do any scientific research providing evidence for their beliefs that is good enough to merit publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals. They rely on appeal to authority, ad hominem attacks against those who disagree with them, nitpicking of individual studies, demanding unreasonable standards of proof, and invoking conspiracy theory to explain why everyone else disagrees with them and all the scientific evidence contradicts them. The phenomenon of denial in the face of overwhelming objective scientific and historical evidence is not unique to HIV as the cause of AIDS. There are also people who deny that the Earth is round and people who deny that Hitler committed genocide against the Jews.

Even though HIV denialists don't have a scientific leg to stand on, they have nonetheless managed to do enormous damage by spreading misinformation to laypeople and, in the case of South Africa, managing to sway the government long enough to significantly delay the introduction of antiretroviral medication and effective prevention and treatment measures with absolutely catastrophic results.

This page will index videos that debunk the claims made by HIV denialists.

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