Videos About HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination

These videos discuss the problem of stigma and discrimination and their relationship to HIV/AIDS. This includes issues such as stigmatization of discrimination against individuals who have HIV/AIDS, groups such as gay men and intravenous drug users, and so on.

Public Service Announcements


The Dance - exclusion and alienation because of HIV AIDS
Abstract experimental piece from BarakatTV showing the stigma and alienation that people with HIV/AIDS encounter using the metaphor of a dance with one person excluded.

A Plastic Plate- Gay person with HIVAids in an Arab culture (8m 12s)
Profile of a gay, HIV positive Egyptian man experiencing stigma at a family dinner where he is provided a plastic plate and everyone else is provided a china plate. Stigma and Discrimination (8m 48s)
Video about HIV/AIDS stigma by South African youth of MADaboutART.

Social and Legal Discussions





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